Hi ,we are so glad that you are here. We would love to share our story:

We met in 2011 at an outreach meeting at our university and soon a friendship started growing. We got engaged in that same year and 11 months later we were married.we both have a burning passion to serve the LORD in many creative ways. One of the ways that started to stand out more and more was our zeal for creating melodies and writing lyrics. In 2016 Abba started blessing both of us with songs that poured out of His heart straight into ours. It uplifted our souls when we were weary and filled our hearts with joyful praise for our great and awesome King. We are in awe with Him who has blessed us with this gift.

In 2018 He made a way for us to capture some of these songs on 2 separate albums. Why 2 different ones? We write in different languages. Edgar enjoys writing in Afrikaans (our home language) and Carmen prefers to write in English (her heart's language). The 2 albums are being released in December 2018.


This journey has been filled with adventure and we are excited to see what Abba is planning with us for the future, all for His glory and honour.

In him we live and move and have our being.


*Edgar's artist name is Judah Son and Carmen's is Carmen Tehillah.

Photo Credit: Nerize Raath